The perfect tulip- Synopsis

Do you have several alternatives but don’t know which one aligns with what is most important to you? How can you make the best decision and face uncertainty?

The perfect tulip introduces a tool to evaluate contexts and preferences when deciding on relevant issues, turning points or changes of direction in your life. This tool provides the necessary perspective, clarity and security in the decision-making process.

The book presents four short stories that revolve around Dutch culture and whose context helps explain the tool’s application didactically.


Understanding that there are no right or wrong answers but rather ways of behaving and seeing the world, this book will give you the possibility to get to know yourself better, weigh the factors involved in each decision and properly evaluate your options.

Get the book now, and don’t regret your decisions anymore.

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The perfect tulip, on the list of best books Independent book review read this year!!



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The perfect tulip, on the list of best books Independent book review read this year!!

About the author

ALEXANDER MARTINEZ was born in Lima, Peru and graduated as an engineer; he has a Master’s degree in Innovation, is a coach and a DISC certified practitioner. He has resided in the Netherlands since 2015 and is dedicated to developing international business between the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He enjoys reading, composing music, cooking, and travelling the world to meet people and new cultures in his spare time.


The Perfect Tulip (A methodology to evaluate options and make better decisions) by Alexander Martinez is a non-fiction self-help book that would appeal most to a diverse audience of young adults and adults who are interested in Dutch culture, the handling of dilemmas, and decision making. Have you ever been faced with a decision-making dilemma and wondered how to make the best decision? People all over the world face decisions like this every day, yet they lack the tool needed to evaluate the choices and make the right decisions. The author shares four Dutch short stories that provide the context to understanding ‘the perfect tulip’ tool.

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